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Is your Child Trust Fund with Foresters?

We look after over 1.2 million children's savings Plans. Whether yours, or your child's CTF is with us or not, we want to be able to help you find it and keep you up to date with all things CTF.

Find your Child Trust Fund

If you have just turned 18 or are about to turn 18, you will have a Child Trust Fund (CTF). Do you know who the money is with? And do you know what options are available for your savings?

OR are you a parent or guardian wanting to find a CTF? Wanting to add more to your child's savings.

How do I find my Child Trust Fund  

If your CTF wasn't opened with one of the companies below, don’t stress, there are ways to locate it.  As the Registered Contact or Planholder, you can find the current provider using one of the below. 

The CTF Register

You can use the CTF register if you’re the Planholder aged 16 or over. To do this you’ll need to register using the following:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Your National Insurance (NI) number/URN – if you don’t know this you can find it here

Use the CTF Register

Mother and Daughter looking at mobile and smiling

Or use Gretel to find your CTF

We’ve partnered with Gretel to help you find a lost CTF, you can do this as the Registered Contact or Planholder. They work with a number of providers to help make it easier to find lost Child Trust Funds. The service is free to use and does the hard work, so you don’t have to.

You can use Gretel if you’re a UK resident over the age of 18 and will need to provide the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Current home address
Find a CTF with Gretel


If you are the Planholder, you may need your parent/guardian’s help to verify any past addresses. If you get a match through Gretel, you will be able to see the details on your dashboard. Gretel will also keep searching, so if they find something in the future, they’ll email you with the contact details for the provider holding your money. 

If your Child Trust Fund was opened with one of the following, it might be with us:


Allied Irish Bank (GB)
Allocated to Foresters Financial
Allocated to Forester Life
Allocated to The Children’s Mutual

Baby Welcome

Chelsea Building Society
Cheshire Building Society
Cumberland Building Society
Co-op Bank (The Co-operative Investments)
Children’s Mutual (The Children’s Mutual)

Derbyshire Building Society
Dunfermline Building Society


First Trust Bank
Foresters Financial
Forester Life


Leek United Building Society
Leeds Building Society
Lloyds Bank
Loughborough Building Society

Mother & Baby
Melton Mowbray Building Society

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
Nottingham Building Society


Olan Mills

Progressive Building Society
Portman Building Society
Principality Building Society

Stroud and Swindon Building Society

The Children’s Mutual
The Co-operative Investments (Co-op Bank)

Universal Building Society

West Bromwich Building Society

Click here for the Government's full list of Child Trust Fund providers >

Children born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011 in the UK will have a Child Trust Fund. The government introduced these to encourage saving for a child. They have the benefit of being a long-term tax-efficient savings account. Parents would have received a voucher from the Government to open the account. Along with family members and friends, parents could add more money to the CTF. Read more about CTFs and their history here >

If a provider was not chosen before the voucher expired, one was allocated by HMRC. This happened with a quarter of CTFs. HMRC figures suggest there are around 700,000 unclaimed Child Trust Funds. There are two reasons why a CTF may be described as lost. The first is the Registered Contact or Planholder does not know who the provider is. The second is that your family has moved house and the provider doesn’t have your current address.

We take the security of yours and your child’s personal details, personal and financial information very seriously. No matter how sophisticated our controls are, we can’t do it alone. Avoid sharing Plan details, or your MyPlans account via messages, images and/or videos online, including social media.

Are you wondering what happens to Child Trust Funds at age 18

- visit our Child Trust Fund information hub