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Invest your money into something greater

Our ISA gives you the option to open a Stocks and Shares ISA, a Lifetime ISA or to have both within one Plan. Investing carries risk.

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What is a Foresters ISA?

A Stocks and Shares ISA and a Lifetime ISA 

An ISA is a savings Plan for those 18 or over and a UK resident. The Foresters ISA is the only ISA on the market where you can have a Stocks and Shares ISA and/or a Lifetime ISA in one Plan. You need to be under 40 for the Lifetime ISA. 

Investing made right for you   

You have the option to invest in a choice of funds, one of these being a sustainable fund, or our Shariah compliant fund. The investment will be looked after by the experts at Schroders, saving you the hassle. Investing is best for the medium to long-term, and if you stick with us, you will only have an annual management charge of 1.5% lowering to 1% after 10 years. With no contribution or transfer fees. 

Save up to £20,000 each tax year 

Start saving from as little as £20, with monthly and/or single contributions giving you flexibility to save as and when you can. With an overall ISA limit of £20,000, up to £4,000 of this limit can be saved into a Lifetime ISA.  

Become a Foresters member  

By saving with us you become a member, and will have access to a range of exclusive benefits. Such as volunteer grants, member discounts and will writing – just to name a few! Take a look at the member benefits >

Member benefits are not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority and may change in the future.

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Stocks and Shares ISA 

A Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient savings account for those 18 and over. Which allows you to save up to £20,000 each tax year. By investing in a Stocks and Shares ISA there is potential for growth that is free of UK income and capital taxes.

With savings starting from as little as £20, the Stocks and Shares ISA element could be the best way for you to meet your savings goal. Whether this is saving for the future, a rainy day or something more exciting, our Stocks and Shares ISA could be a great way for you to build up a lump sum. 


Is a Stocks and Shares ISA right for me? 

✓ Want to save for your future (5+ years) 
✓ Looking for low minimum contributions 
✓ One, simple annual management charge 
✓ UK resident, aged 18 or over  
Access to money when needed

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Lifetime ISA 

A Lifetime ISA is available to anyone aged between 18 and 39. Introduced by the Government to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder and/or to build additional savings for later on in life. 

You can save up to £4,000 each year up to your 50th birthday, with a Government bonus of 25% added to your contributions (up to an extra £1,000 each year). Use your Lifetime ISA to save towards your first home (up to £450,000 in the UK) and/or to access after age 60. 


Is a Lifetime ISA right for me? 

Want to save towards your first home and/or for age 60 
✓ Want an added 25% government bonus  
✓ Looking for low minimum contributions 
One, simple annual management charge 
✓ UK resident, aged 18-39

With an ISA tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change. As with all stock market investments the value of your ISA can fall as well as rise. 

A Lifetime ISA must be held for at least 12 months before using it towards the purchase of a first home. By saving into a Lifetime ISA instead of a workplace pension, you could lose the benefit of employer contributions and the value could affect any entitlement to means tested benefits. 

If you make a withdrawal from the Lifetime ISA before age 60, other than to purchase your first home, you will pay a government penalty of 25% on the withdrawal amount, and you may get back less than you paid in.


Want to know more about ISAs and why it could be the best option for saving for your future?

What is an ISA?

Transfer to our ISA 

Do you already have an ISA and want to transfer to Foresters? Make a transfer online today.  

Transfer to our ISA

Buying your first home 

Find out how you access your Lifetime ISA savings towards purchasing your first home. 

Buying a home with a Lifetime ISA 

Choose your ISA

You can decide how your ISA invests, choose between our Stakeholder ISA with sustainable fund choice, or our Shariah compliant ISA. If eligible, during your application you can decide to open a Stocks and Shares ISA and/or a Lifetime ISA. 

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Stakeholder ISA 

Whatever your savings goal, invest easily in a choice of funds.

  • The choice of 2 funds - Invest all the money in one fund or split between the two. You can make a fund switch at any time.
  • Both funds consider ESG factors, with the sustainable fund having a specific focus on sustainability.
  • The funds are actively managed by the professionals at Schroders. 

Learn more about the Stakeholder ISA

ISA Important information 

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Shariah ISA 

Invest for your future in a Shariah compliant ISA. 

  • Our Shariah compliant fund invests in a range of shares from around the world.
  • An appointed Shariah Supervisory board and Shariah Adviser to make sure the investment aligns with your beliefs.
  • The fund is actively managed by the professionals at Schroders.  

Learn more about the Shariah ISA

Shariah ISA Important information

Transfer an existing ISA to Foresters

Already have an ISA with another provider and want to transfer to Foresters? You can transfer to our Stakeholder ISA or our Shariah ISA. We accept Stocks and Shares ISAs and Cash ISAs only. 

Transfer to our ISA Transfer to our Shariah ISA
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Manage your savings with MyPlans

View the ISA value, make contributions, view fund performance, documents, and so much more. 

Existing customer? Login to MyPlans >

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Financial guidance - at no cost to you
Meet with a Financial Adviser to discuss your options at your convenience.


If you are a UK resident aged 18 or over, you can open a Stocks and Shares ISA. 
If you are a UK resident aged 18 – 39, you can open a Lifetime ISA. You should be looking to save to buy your first home or save for later on in life, or both. 
We have no hidden charges. Our ISA has a 1.5% annual management charge reducing to 1% after 10 years, with no other charges. 
You are able to view the value of your ISA 24/7 by opening your MyPlans account. 

Yes, you are able to transfer a Stocks and Shares ISA or Cash ISA to Forester Life. We do not charge entry, exit or transfer fees. 

Please note we do not accept Lifetime ISA or Help To Buy ISA transfers. 

Transfer to our ISA

There is no interest rate as our ISA invests in stocks and shares and is not a Cash ISA. Stocks and Shares ISAs have the aim of providing better growth than cash in the long-term.

Investing in stocks and shares provides better potential for growth than cash in the long-term. In every 10 year time period, over the last 113 years, the probability of stocks and shares outperforming cash was 91% (Barclays Equity Gilt Study 2022).

If you are eligible for our other ISA element (Stocks and Shares or Lifetime), you will be able to open this online or with your Financial Adviser. 

Discuss your options with a Financial Adviser 

Alternatively, please contact us

With an ISA you have withdrawal flexibility so you can withdraw your money at any time. However, we recommend you aim to invest for at least five years for better potential for growth.

Our ISA could be the best ISA for you if you are 18 or over and looking to start saving in a simple, affordable, tax-efficient ISA. Depending what your savings goals are find the best ISA for you.

Speak to one of our Financial Advisers for their guidance

Remember, our ISA is a stocks and shares ISA so you will be investing your money and will need to be happy to take some risk.

Our ISA is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means that in the unlikely event that we cannot meet our obligations you will be able to make a claim for the full value of the ISA from the FSCS.

If you make a full transfer from your ISA, your Plan with us will close, and you will no longer have access to your member benefits. We do not charge for any transfers.

To transfer your money to another ISA provider, you will need to contact your new provider first so they can start the transfer process.

Before submitting the transfer request to your new provider, please ensure your personal details with us are up to date, as the information you provide will need to match with your new provider. If they do not, this will hold up the transfer process. You can check your personal details and update if necessary, online with MyPlans or by contacting Customer Services.

You can withdraw from your Stocks and Shares ISA online with MyPlans or with a Financial Adviser or via Customer Services. The unit price displayed is for the previous working day, which changes daily, this means you may receive a little more or less than what you have chosen to withdraw. The price you receive will be based on the date the withdrawal is requested, and it may take up to 5 working days to process your request.

Description of member benefits that you may receive assumes you are a Foresters member. Members must be 18 years of age or older and must have an active Foresters Plan and maintain it in good standing. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements, definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice. Member benefits are not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority and may change in the future.