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Being a Foresters Member

We are more than a financial services company, as a Foresters member you have access to unique benefits.

We’re a mutual organisation

We are driven to share not shareholder driven.

As a mutual organisation we don’t have shareholders, any profit we make is used for the benefit of our members, our Planholders. Our business is purpose driven, which means we give back to our members, their families and their communities through our unique member benefits.

Our member benefits are designed to enrich lives and build stronger communities. These benefits and the members who engage with them are what sets our company apart.

We offer you our continued commitment to the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Supporting our members is a huge part of this commitment.

Who is a Foresters member?

You are a Foresters member if you hold a Plan with Foresters. Planholders aged 18 and above are full voting members of Foresters and are able to access a range of member benefits.

Meaningful benefits

Our member benefits are designed to help you, your family and your community lead a healthy and financially secure life.

Benefits like our Scholarships and Lifelong Learning encourage young leaders in the community and funding grants support your local volunteer efforts such as beach clean-ups, meal preps or care packages for those in need. We also offer opportunities to volunteer through our charitable partnership, Cash for Kids.

Our dedicated membership team work hard to make it easy to get involved in our member benefits. We’re always here to help if you have any questions.

Community leadership

Offering your time as a member leader in your community is a fun and rewarding way to give back.

As a Foresters member, there are many opportunities to get involved and build your personal leadership skills. This could be through hosting or attending a member activity, or even nominating yourself for an ongoing role as Branch Councillor in your area.

Being a Foresters member provides the opportunity for personal development, helping others and having fun in your community.


Description of member benefits that you may receive assumes you are a Foresters Financial member. Foresters Financial members are insureds under a life or health insurance certificate, or annuitants under an annuity certificate, issued by The Independent Order of Foresters or Foresters Life Insurance Company, or social fraternal members. Foresters Financial member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements, definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific Eligibility requirements, Definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice.