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Junior ISA

Invest for their first steps into adult life, and give your little one a big head start. Investing carries risk.

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What is a Foresters Junior ISA?

Save for their future

A Junior ISA, also known as a child ISA, is a tax-efficient savings account for adults to save on behalf of a child, so they have a tax-free sum of money for adulthood. You can save for them up to age 18, when it will automatically roll into an Adult ISA. Where they will have the choice to continue investing and/or access the money.

Investing made right for you

With our Junior ISAs you can invest in a choice of funds or our Shariah compliant fund. The investment will be looked after by the experts at Schroders, so you can focus on making lasting memories with your family. There is an annual management charge of 1.5% lowering to 1% after 10 years. With no contribution or transfer fees.

Save up to £9,000 each year

Set up contributions from as little as £10 a month and £20 for single contributions, up to the £9,000 limit each tax year. Family and friends can contribute too – helping to build up your child's savings pot. See how much they could have at age 18 >

Become a Foresters member

When opening a Junior ISA, at 18 your child will become a member, and will have access to a range of exclusive benefits. Such as volunteer grants, member discounts and Scholarships – just to name a few! Discover our member benefits >

Member benefits are not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority and may change in the future.

Is a Junior ISA right for me?

 Want to save for your child

 Money can be accessed on their 18th birthday

 Looking for low minimum contributions

 One simple annual management charge

 The child is a UK resident

Junior ISAs

Want to know more about Junior ISAs in general and why they could be the best option to save for your child?

What is a Junior ISA?

Transfer a Junior ISA

Does your child already have a Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund and want to transfer to a Foresters Junior ISA? Make a transfer online today.

Transfer to our Junior ISA

Start saving for your child's future

Choose the Junior ISA

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Stakeholder Junior ISA 

Whatever they want to be in the future, invest easily in a choice of funds

  • The choice of 2 funds - Invest all the money in one fund or split between the two. You can make a fund switch at any time. 
  • Both funds consider ESG factors, with the sustainable fund having a specific focus on sustainability.
  • The funds are actively managed by the professionals at Schroders.

Learn more about the Stakeholder Junior ISA 

Junior ISA Important information, KID, KID 

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Shariah Junior ISA 

Invest in your child's future in a Shariah compliant Junior ISA. 

  • Our Shariah compliant fund invests in a range of shares from around the world.
  • An appointed Shariah Supervisory board and Shariah Adviser to make sure the investment aligns with your beliefs.
  • The fund is actively managed by the professionals at Schroders.

Learn more about the Shariah Junior ISA 

Shariah Junior ISA Important information, Shariah KID 

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. As with all stock market investments the value of your child’s Junior ISA can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than has been paid in. Gifts cannot be reclaimed and combined amounts cannot exceed the contribution limit of £9,000.

Transfer to Foresters 

Already have a Junior ISA, or a Child Trust Fund and want to transfer to Foresters? You can transfer to our Stakeholder Junior ISA or our Shariah Junior ISA. 

Make a transfer

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Manage your savings with MyPlans

View the Junior ISA value, make contributions, view fund performance, documents, and so much more. 

Existing customer? Login to MyPlans >

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Financial guidance - at no cost to you
Meet with a Financial Adviser to discuss your options at your convenience.

Our Junior ISA FAQs

A parent or legal guardian of a child can open a Junior ISA. A child aged 16 or over can also open their own Junior ISA (as long as they do not have a Child Trust Fund). The person who opens the Junior ISA is a called the Registered Contact, and there can only be one Registered Contact. 

A child must be below age 18 to have a Junior ISA. 
Start saving from as little as £10 a month up to £9,000 this tax year. Family and friends can contribute too.

Make a gift to a child’s Plan
We have no hidden charges. Our Junior ISA only has a 1.5% annual management charge reducing to 1% after 10 years, with no other charges.

You can transfer an existing Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund into a Junior ISA with Foresters online or with a Financial Adviser. We don’t charge entry, exit or transfer fees.

Visit our children’s transfer page for more information>

No one can access the money in a Junior ISA, besides the child once they reach their 18th birthday. The money is locked away until then and cannot be accessed by parents. Gifts cannot be reclaimed and all contributions combined cannot exceed the annual contribution limit. 

Only in certain circumstances may a withdrawal be made, such as child's death or terminal illness. 

No, if your child’s currently has a Child Trust Fund and would like to have a Junior ISA instead, you will need to transfer the CTF to a Junior ISA.

Investing in stocks and shares provides better potential for growth than cash in the long-term. In every 10-year time period, over the last 113 years, the probability of stocks and shares outperforming cash was 91% (Barclays Equity Gilt Study 2022).

 A Junior ISA can only be opened by someone with legal parental responsibility. However grandparents can contribute to Junior ISAs for grandchildren.

Find out how you can save for your grandchild’s future>

Our Junior ISA is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which means that in the unlikely event that we cannot meet our obligations you will be able to make a claim for the full value of the Junior ISA from the FSCS. 

To make a transfer to another Junior ISA provider, you will need to contact your new provider first so they can start the transfer process.  Before submitting the transfer request to your new provider, please ensure your personal details with us are up to date, as the information you provide will need to match with your new provider. You can check the account details and update if necessary online with MyPlans or by contacting Customer Services.  

We do not charge for any transfers.

Junior ISAs at age 18

At age 18 the Planholder will have access to the money, their Junior ISA will roll into an Adult ISA. Whether you are looking to find more information for when you are 18, or you are a parent wanting to understand your child’s options, we have a dedicated page to help you.

My Junior ISA at age 18

My child’s Junior ISA at age 18

Junior ISA - Options

The Junior ISA - Options was transferred to Forester Life from The Children's Mutual in January 2017. The Junior ISA - Options is no longer open to new business, however you can continue to contribute to your child's Plan with us and help give them a head start in adult life. For more information, please refer to the Junior ISA - Options Brochure and Terms and Conditions.

Junior ISA Calculator

See how much money your child could have at age 18 when you save in a Forester Life Stakeholder or Shariah Junior ISA. 

£10 £750

Please enter a regular monthly amount you wish to pay between £10 and £750, assuming that the maximum allowed monthly contribution is £750.

£20 £9000

Please enter an amount between £20 and £9,000, assuming that the maximum allowed annual contribution is £9,000.

This should only be completed if your child has an existing Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund with another provider, whose value you would like to be included when working out the future worth of your child’s investment.

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Calculator important information

Description of member benefits that you may receive assumes you are a Foresters member. Members must be 18 years of age or older and must have an active Foresters Plan and maintain it in good standing. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements, definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice. Member benefits are not regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority and may change in the future.