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Member benefits

If you are a Planholder, you are a Foresters member. We help members achieve their financial goals whilst supporting the difference they make in their communities.

The Foresters difference

At Foresters Financial we help everyday families achieve their long-term financial goals. But we’re more than an international financial services provider.

In 2021, Foresters provided over £1.36 million1 towards community volunteer initiatives such as Care Packages, Community Beautification, Create & Construct, Meal Help, Volunteer Support, and Foresters Moments activities where our members can spend quality time with their families at no cost.

We also invested in the futures of others and provided more than £1.05 million in competitive scholarships for students in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

You are a member of Foresters if you hold an adult savings Plan (ISA, Lifetime ISA or Savings & Investment Plan), With-Profits Plan or a protection product with us. The Planholder (the child) of a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA is a Foresters member.

Planholders aged 18 and above are full voting members of Foresters and are able to access a range of member benefits.

Get involved

Community Grants

Foresters Community Grants programme allows you to organise and host your own local community volunteer activities for other members to join, ranging from assembling care packs, starting a food drive or creating memorable moments with your loved ones. Learn more

Foresters Care grant

Make a difference in your community by helping when and where it's needed. Inspire your fellow members to participate and share ideas on meaningful activities to contribute towards a good cause. Learn more

Helping to enhance your life

Foresters Go

Foresters Go® is so much more than just a wellness app. It is a fun way for members to earn amazing rewards for living well and giving back. Earn Rewards Points for big and small healthy choices and helping others, then redeem those points for amazing rewards like electronics, appliances, gift cards, and more.

Let's Go!

Foresters Renew grant – Grow towards a brighter future

Get helpful funds to upskill, reskill and grow in your career. Foresters Renew offers up to £750 in reimbursement grants to cover costs like textbooks, class fees and class-related tools while working towards advancing your career or making the jump to a new one.

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LawAssure is an online document preparation service that helps you create customisable wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives/living wills. Visit MyForesters to find out how LawAssure can help you to protect your legacy.

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Competitive scholarships

We believe that education and community are important. That’s why we award around £1.5 million every year in scholarships to our members, or their family. The scholarship selections are based on good grades and community volunteer involvement.

Learn about our competitive scholarships

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is a diverse online library of education courses that Foresters members can access anytime, anywhere. You can choose courses to explore an interest and help you achieve personal or professional goals — or just for fun!

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Foresters Member Discounts

Members can access discounts on gift cards, everyday necessities, electronics and other online shopping opportunities. Plus, family-focused activities are more affordable with discounts on hotels, rental cars, theme parks, attractions and much more.

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We’re a mutual organisation

As a mutual organisation we don’t have shareholders, so any profit we make is used for your benefit. A mutual organisation is owned by its Planholders, these are customers that hold a Plan with us, known as members, and run for their benefit. So, unlike many financial services organisations, mutuals have no shareholders to pay so can give back to their members in the form of member benefits.

From your family to your future, Foresters has you covered. As part of our fraternal purpose, we offer our members a wide range of unique and complimentary benefits.2

Member governance

At Foresters our members have a say in how we run as a business and help us to focus on what is important to our members and support them and their communities.

View your branch councillors

Membership Matters

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