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Helping families and their loved ones get the right protection for nearly 150 years.

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Protection cover starts from as little as £10 a month 

Cover starts from as little as £10 a month


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Our customers rate us 4.7 out of 5 stars


Taking care of family finances for over 140 years

Taking care of family finances for nearly 150 years


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Home-based and video financial planning service


There’s no way of knowing what's ahead, but you can take steps to be financially protected. We want to help you ensure that your family are financially covered, and our choice of Personal Insurance and Mortgage Protection can offer you just that.



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What is Personal Insurance?

Personal Insurance is a protection Plan that offers you cover against death, critical illness, terminal illness and your income against incapacity due to illness or injury.

You cannot always predict the future, but you can plan for if the unexpected happens and reduce the financial burden during a difficult time.

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What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage Protection is a protection Plan that offers you cover designed to repay a mortgage in the event of death, critical illness, terminal illness and permanent disability.

A mortgage can be the biggest financial commitment we make. Whilst we insure other possessions, such as our home and its contents, it’s important to protect your ability to repay your mortgage too.

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Financial Advice

With Foresters Financial you will have a Forester Life Financial Adviser who will be able to assess your protection needs, go through your protection options and recommend what you need, so that you are comfortable that you have made arrangements for your family should the worst happen.

You can discuss your protection needs with your local Forester Life Financial Adviser via video appointment or face-to-face at your own convenience.

Your Financial Adviser will be there for you as and when your circumstances change to help ensure your Protection Plan remains right for you and your family.

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Speak to a Forester Life Financial Adviser to look at the protection options that best suit your needs



Once completing a simple application you will complete a call with a nurse.



Once your Plan is open, you have access to our Peace of Mind service, will writing and other member benefits



And those you love


Supporting you after a claim

You can’t emotionally prepare yourself to cope with a life-limiting illness and there is no manual on how to deal with the loss of a loved one. Whilst we can’t change these events, our protection products offer a Peace of Mind service.

This specialist advice service is staffed by experienced nurses who are on hand to provide expert help and guidance should the worse happen. Additionally a partner and children have access to bereavement counselling service, with up to six sessions at no additional cost.


Free will writing service

You can protect your family further with free personalised online document preparation, where you can create a Will, Power of Attorney, and healthcare directives from the comfort of your own home.

As a member you will have access to this and additional member benefits, such as giving back to the community you live in through volunteer granting applications, joining or even organising Family Fun events, as well as the option for you or your children to apply for a Scholarship and more.


The Peace of Mind service and Foresters member benefits are not regulated and non-contractual nor are they part of the Protection Plan Terms and Conditions. They may be subject to specific eligibility requirements, and they may be amended or withdrawn at any time without notice.


Our Financial Advisers are on hand to take you through your options and help determine the level of cover you are looking for and will provide you with an insurance quote. There is no charge for protection advice. 

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Why insure yourself

Many people take the time to insure their possessions, but with a £2.4 trillion protection gap in the UK, it’s also important to protect those who financially depend on you.

Reasons for Insurance
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Glossary of terms

There are many terms to bear in mind, from the type of benefit you would require, to what you will need to understand in your application. Read our glossary of protection terms.

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The cost of life insurance

Cost of Life Insurance

It’s important to ensure that if your income was removed from the household, you are able to limit the level of financial stress on your family. Calculate the cost of your life insurance.

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