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The calculator below is a useful tool to show you how much your child's Child Trust Fund (CTF) could be worth at age 18.

Whether you're aiming to help fund further education, a deposit on a first home or pay towards the cost of a first car - the CTF could be an ideal place to help you build a lump sum for your child. If you are wondering what may happen to Child Trust Funds at age 18 - visit our Child Trust Fund information hub to find out what we know so far. 

The projections give an estimated fund value to help illustrate what could be available in the future with our Forester Life Child Trust Fund, Child Trust Fund - Stakeholder Options, Child Trust Fund - Shariah and Child Trust Fund - Options (invested in Aberdeen UK All Share Tracker Fund and Forester Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed 1 Fund only).

Please enter a date later than 1st September 2002 but before 3rd January 2011.
Please enter the value of the CTF voucher provided to your child by the Government.
Please enter a regular monthly amount you wish to pay between £10 and £364, assuming that the maximum allowed monthly contribution is £364.
Please enter an amount between £10 and £4,368, assuming that the maximum allowed annual contribution is £4,368.
When you select the Calculate button, the amount displayed on the screen will be showing the estimated value of the fund on your child’s 18th birthday.

Important information

  • The amount shown by the calculator is only an estimate of what the savings could be worth on your child’s 18th birthday. 
  • These figures are only examples and are not guaranteed. The actual value could be more or less than shown, and could be less than has been paid in. What you will get back depends on how much your investment grows and on the tax treatment of the investment.
  • Inflation would reduce what you could buy in the future.
  • The Child Trust Fund, Child Trust Fund - Stakeholder Options and Child Trust Fund - Shariah are stakeholder accounts, however, this doesn’t guarantee that there can never be a loss of value or that a stakeholder scheme is the right investment for your child. 
  • The calculator does not deal with investment risk and investment advice. It is not a basis on which you should make investment decisions and your needs will be confirmed before a recommendation can be made.
  • If the Plan has received any contribution in the birthday year, and the Plan value exceeds £300, we will send you a statement showing the payments received, the number of units held and the value of your child’s Plan. We will also issue statements on your child’s 11th and 16th birthdays.

The calculation is based on:

  • Potential investment annual growth rate of 5%. 
  • Potential annual increase in monthly payments of 2.5% per annum compound to keep pace with inflation, subject to allowable limits. 
  • Annual charge of 1.5%

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Do you have a Child Trust Fund with us? If so, you will be eligible for an online My Plans account. We want to make it as simple as possible for our customers to continue to save into their CTF Plans. With My Plans you will have 24/7 access, to view your Plan details, value and fund performance and information.

If you haven't already set up your My Plans account you can view your Child Trust Fund online by activating your account below.


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