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Your Child Trust Fund

Your Child Trust Fund (CTF) is about to mature. On your 18th birthday it will automatically invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA and you will have access to an online account. Simply leave your savings where they are and if you wish to add further contributions or access the money, you can do this at any time.

Foresters look after over 1 million children savings plans

We look after over 1.2 million children's savings Plans


Our customer satisfaction rating 

Our customers rate us 4.7 out of 5 stars


Taking care of family finances for over 140 years

Taking care of family finances for nearly 150 years


We offer choice in how you do business with us

Choose how you do business with us



Looking after your savings

We are one of the largest CTF Providers with over 1.2 million customers choosing to save for their child's future with us.

Based in the UK we look after over 3 million members and customers helping them achieve their financial goals, and we would like to continue to help you save for your future too.

Our unique history began in 1874 and we operate internationally in the UK, Canada and the US. We are a mutual financial services organisation - driven to share, not shareholder driven. We exist for the benefit of our members, customers and their communities, find out more about Foresters >


Choice in how you do business with us laptop person icon

Service to suit you

We’re ready to help. Whether that’s online, face-to-face, by email, post, or over the phone, the choice is yours.


Foresters have 3 million customers people icon

Over 3m customers

In the UK we provide over 3 million members and customers with financial solutions for all stages of life.


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Member benefits

As a Foresters member, at 18 you will have access to member benefits, including helping your community and scholarships.


What is a CTF?

CTFs were introduced by the Government for children born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011. All CTFs started with a Government contribution and family members and friends had the opportunity to gift money.


What happens as you approach age 18?

You can now access your online account where you will be able to find out more about your CTF, the Plan value and information about your options at age 18. 

At age 18 your CTF will mature and be referred to as Matured CTF ISA and you can choose your options online.

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What's next?

You don't have to do anything

Your CTF will mature and will continue to be invested in the same fund(s) within a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Once your CTF has matured, you can decide to do either or both of the following options.


Your ISA options

Contribute to your ISA icon

Add contributions

Contribute to your ISA from as little as £20 for both monthly and single contributions.


exit door icon

Make an encashment

As you have access to your savings you can make an encashment.


Once your ISA is set up, if eligible you have the option of adding the Lifetime ISA element to your ISA, where you can save for a first home or later on in life and gain a yearly bonus of up to £1,000.

What is an ISA?

An Individual Savings Account is a popular, tax-efficient way to invest. There’s no tax to pay on any income earnt from your investments.

Every tax year, starting 6th April, you can save up to the ISA allowance set by the Government, currently £20,000 overall.


Forester Life ISA

Our ISA is the only one on the market that gives you the option to combine both a Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA in one Plan. Once your ISA is set up, if eligible you have the option of adding the Lifetime ISA element to your ISA.

Our Lifetime ISA is invested identically to a Stocks and Shares ISA, with the added benefit of a generous 25% Government bonus added to your savings, if you hold it for at least 12 months and use the amount saved towards your first home or later on in life.


Our Stocks and Shares ISA element

Save from as little as £20 (£10 if you save in a Lifetime ISA too)

Up to £20,000 each tax year

Investment decisions are all made for you by the professionals at Schroders


Our Lifetime ISA element

Save from as little as £20 (£10 if you save in a Stocks and Shares ISA too)

Up to £4,000 each tax year

Investment decisions are all made for you by the professionals at Schroders


The Government adds a 25% bonus to contributions for Lifetime ISAs. You will lose the government bonus and more as a penalty is applied if the money in the Lifetime ISA is used within the first 12 months, not used towards purchasing your first home or after your 60th birthday, as the 25% government penalty is applied to any encashed amount. 


Our ISA fund

Our ISA invests in a fund which is professionally managed by Schroders. They use their expertise to identify investment opportunities in the UK and worldwide and make the investment decisions on your behalf.

The fund has a conservative strategy, meaning no more than 60% of the investment is in shares – reducing the effects of market fluctuations but giving the opportunity for growth. The rest of the fund invests in government bonds, fixed income and cash. The fund also follows a sustainable investment approach, considering the impacts to the environment. The fund is called the Foresters Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed Fund for our ISA.

Professionally managed

Make investing easy

Sustainable approach


We will be introducing a Shariah compliant Adult ISA and two further funds. These will include a climate change fund as well as a global equity fund.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change. As with all stock market investments the value of your ISA can fall as well as rise.

Your online account 

You can manage your Plan, view your fund performance and more online.

From your 18th birthday if you would like to add any further contributions, open a Lifetime ISA or encash some or all of your money you will be able to do this at any time.

To set up your online account you will need either your Plan number, which is in the letter we have sent to you, or your National Insurance Number. HMRC sends details of your National Insurance number, just before your 16th birthday. It can be found on your payslip, P60, tax returns or official letters about tax, pensions or benefits. If you have not received it, or lost or forgotten your National Insurance number, visit the Government website for details on how to find out >

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Staying safe online with your money

We take the security of your personal and financial information very seriously and no matter how sophisticated our controls are, we can’t do it alone. Avoid sharing your Plan details, or your MyPlans account via messages, images and/or videos online, including social media. This information can be viewed by the public, which could include criminals who will take advantage of your data. Here are some tips to keep safe online and prevent fraud >

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