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Let's talk finance

From our products to how to improve your money skills, you can find a range of finance articles through our dedicated blog. You can also access our wider Foresters members blog and explore the MoneyLens website by Schroders.

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Looking for finance tips? Check out MoneyLens by Schroders

Guide to ISAs

Guide to ISAs

ISAs are an excellent way of saving. But did you know you have a choice of five ISAs suitable from Lifetime ISAs to Junior ISAs. Take a look for more information.

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CTF or Junior ISA

CTFs or Junior ISAs

Does your child have a Child Trust Fund (CTF) or a Junior ISA? Want to know what the differences between these savings accounts are? Read our article to find out more.

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Talking our your childs CTF

What is a CTF?

Read our article to find out all of the information you need to know about Child Trust Funds, from when the money can be accessed to maximising contributions.

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Foresters Financial Login to MyPlans laptop

Manage your Plan(s)

Do you want to manage your savings online in one place? Login to MyPlans to view your Plan value, fund information and make payments into the Plan in a few simple clicks – all online 24/7.

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Guide to Junior ISAs

Guide to Junior ISAs

Take a look at the 18 important things that you need to know about Junior ISAs before they turn 18, from the different types of savings to when your child can access their money.

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CTF surprise

Don’t ruin the surprise

Does your child have a Child Trust Fund? Don’t let the surprise be ruined by HMRC or word of mouth in the playground, take a look at our article for more information.

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Investing in a volatile market

Volatile markets

When it comes to volatility, the general advice is to keep calm. Volatility in the market is not necessarily a bad thing. Read our article to find out everything you need to know about volatile markets.

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What is a Child Trust Fund

How to tell them

We have some fun and creative ways to tell your child about their savings. Whether it's a Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA, we have some ideas to prepare you for the money talk with your child.

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Piggy bank with graphics of university, car and house to show what you can save for

The Importance of Saving

Do you know the costs of some of our biggest milestones? What do you dream of saving for? Find out more about the costs of these milestones, from university, to owning a home.

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Become more financially savvy

Become financially savvy

How many times have you spent money on something and later wish you didn’t? We have all been there but we should always try and be careful. Take a look at our 7 ways to be financially savvy.

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Guide to universities

Is your child keen to go to university? We have broken down all the steps you need to take to ensure your child has all the support for applying to university.

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Foresters Difference

We're making a difference

Foresters is not just a financial services organisation, our Purpose is to enrich family and community well-being. Helping is who we are, and it’s been so since the very beginning, since 1874.

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Keeping control of your finances

Setting budgets

If you are worried about your finances or avoiding this topic of conversation, you may need that kick start in helping you to keep your finances under control; our 6 steps could help you out.

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The cost of life insurance

Cost of Life Insurance

It’s important to ensure that if your income was removed from the household, you are able to limit the level of financial stress on your family. Calculate the cost of your life insurance.

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Talking money with your children

Talk money

Teaching your child about money and the importance of saving is one of the most imperative life skills for them to learn, take a look at our tips on giving your children a better future with money.

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Couple who have moved into first home with the help of a Lifetime ISA

LISA vs Help to Buy ISA

Do you have a Lifetime ISA or Help to Buy ISA? Do you want to learn the differences and how these ISAs can help you get onto the property ladder and purchase a first home? Learn more today.

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are you under insured?

Are you under insured?

Whether it’s Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Mortgage Protection or Income Protection, it’s important to protect your family’s financial future.

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Happy children eating food who each have a Cash Junior ISA and Stocks and Shares Junior ISA

Types of Junior ISAs

Did you know you can open a Cash Junior ISA, Stocks and Shares Junior ISA, or both types for a child? Discover which Junior ISA could work best for their future and the differences.

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Man on laptop using online banking service

Online Banking Tips

Are you aware of the many advantages of managing your money through online banking? Do you know how to stay safe when shopping online? Read our online banking tips today.

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Couple who have bought first home and have mortgage protection in place

Being a first-time buyer

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting prospect for us all. Find out more about the importance of having a mortgage and how you can save for a first home with a Lifetime ISA.

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Man on laptop being cautious entering credit card details online

Bank Card Safety

Keeping your credit card and/or debit card details safe are crucial to stopping cyber criminals. Find out more about how to maintain your bank card safety, including online.

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Foresters members helping at a community event

Membership Matters

As a Foresters member, you can receive monthly emails with a wealth of topics. Membership Matters emails have articles covering topics such as family, well-being, community and personal finance, all of which we value and stand for in our Foresters mission and purpose.

We will also release articles specific to the latest updates about Foresters Financial and what we have been getting up to as a business. 

The Membership Matters issue is your monthly source of information on topics that may be of interest to you and your family. You will also be able to browse in our archive for articles from previous months.

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Want money matters made clear?

Our fund managers Schroders launched MoneyLens to help provide jargon-free information on investing and other money-related topics.

At the core of it all is a series of articles where financial matters are made clear.

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Schroders also offers the InvestIQ test to help you discover deeper, more powerful insights about your investment decisions. Why not try it today and discover your investment personality.

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