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About the scholarship


Foresters is proud to contribute to the success that education can bring to individuals, families and communities. Each year, we offer up to 150 scholarships worth £1,000 each to eligible students pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited university or institute of higher learning in the United Kingdom. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years or until a post-secondary degree or equivalent is earned.

Eligible Foresters members and their spouse, children, grandchildren and children under the legal care of an eligible member can apply


Highlights of the 2020 Scholarship Programme

  • The scholarship application period begins on 3 December 2019 to 27 February 2020
  • Applicants can apply at any year of their undergraduate degree
  • In addition to academic records, applicants also need to provide a community reference letter and essay about their community volunteer work
  • Checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your application


If you are renewing your scholarship, you will NOT need to complete the online application. Renewal applications are emailed in July/August. If you are not in receipt of an email regarding your renewal, please email

Congratulations to all our recipients for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Below are some significant statistical information about the average achievement levels of the winners this year.

Community Service:

  • Approximately 249 hours on average
  • Most of the winners created their primary community service activities (either alone, with a group or they held a leadership position)
  • The average number of different community service activities they were involved in was 3

Foresters Competitive Scholarship Winners

Andrew Adams
Cameron Allatt
Erin Ames
Suhit Amin
Kezia Atta-Panin
Alexander Ball
Jade Barrow
Ellie Bees
Verity Blakey
Lauren Boddy
Lillie Boothroyd
Sophie Bowen
Christopher Bridges
Roxana Buckley
Isabella Caplin
Matthew Cavallini
Zohar Collins
Emma Connolly
Callum Crockard
Abbie Davis
Etienne Deans-Louis
Harry Eckersley
Michael Failey
stuart Finch
Gemma Fiske
Danielle Foster
Niamh Foy
Aoife Gilmore
Harrison Hall
Caitlin Hayes
James Herdman
Charlotte Heyworth
Ella Hollingshead
Morgan Hooper
Rachael Horn
Harry Humphreys
Hazel Jones
Mari Jones
Lily Keck
Dominic Lanham
Abigail Lawrence
Nim Bon Man
Oliver Martin
Alex Mason
Sioned May
Jemma McGrath
Alison McKechnie
Ruby Miller
Beatriz Monteiro De Carvalho
Keir Ogilvy
Sayo Olukoga
Sewa Olukoga
Feyisara Olukoga
Elle Parkes
Eve Poyner
Kaitlyn Ries
Michael Sawyer
Anna Silvester Williams
Rebekah Smith
Daniel Spence
James Stonehouse
Elizabeth Stringer
Martha Sweatman
Chloe Tapp
Bryony Tatlock
Rosie Taylor
Michael Tucker
Charlie Turner
Rhys Whatty
Isaac Williams
Kathryn Wilson
Bethany Wolff

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