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Inspired to give back? We’re here to help.

Community grants help you organise and fund activities in your area.

Grant appliation

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Soon you’ll only be able to access your grant applications and your other Foresters member benefits through MyForesters, the new member portal. To register, you’ll need to know your Plan number, and you must have a unique email address on file with us.

Please contact us for registration questions.

COVID-19 - Important member event guidance

Foresters member dropping off food parcel to help with COVID-19

Caring Through Crisis Grant

First and foremost, we want our membership to be healthy and safe. COVID-19 is an unprecedented health event that our world has not experienced in over 100 years. Safety is the priority.

In response to this ongoing global pandemic, Foresters will be cancelling all Fun Family activities through the Foresters Community Grants programme for the remainder of 2020. Although it is a difficult decision to cancel the MI events for the remaining 2020 granting year, we understand this is the safest option. A member of the Grants team will be in contact with all Fun Family activity organisers to cancel their activities.

Community Volunteer activities with activity dates scheduled until the end of August will also be cancelled. Applications for activities taking place September 2020 onward will be considered for approval and are subject to change based on continued monitoring of the COVID-19 situation.

In the meantime, we have extended the new temporary Community Volunteer Grant, the Caring Through Crisis (CTC) Grant, to support our members in continuing to live Foresters Purpose and make a meaningful impact in their local communities while being socially distanced during the COVID-19 crisis.

Caring Through Crisis Grant activity ideas

While not limited to these, the below list includes some proposed key activities that may be considered for a CTC grant:


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Thank frontline workers

– by donating wellness kits or meals through contactless delivery service or drop-off location


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Care packs for kids and seniors

– donate board games, puzzles, books and more


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Seed money for a fundraiser

– use the proceeds to purchase goods to donate


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Bring comfort to others

– sewing/knitting emotional support blankets


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Take a bite out of hunger

– create food boxes with the most in demand items and deliver it to a food bank or shelter


Apply for a CTC Grant by logging in to YourCause

Apply for a CTC Grant

Due to system maintenance on Tuesday 14th July, Foresters Community Grants may be temporarily non-responsive. If you experience difficulties, we kindly ask you to try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience.



NEW UPDATE! Members can now apply for two CTC Grants to help those impacted by the pandemic situation (subject to fund availability). Note that members will only be able to access a second CTC Grant once the first CTC Grant activity has been completed with a submitted Post Activity Report (PAR).

Please note, the Caring Through Crisis Grant is a Community Volunteer Grant to support a local community need during COVID-19 and is not a personal grant.

We hope that our new recently developed programmes such as Caring Through Crisis and Double your Impact have helped you live your purpose while we are managing through these unprecedented times. We will continue to invest in our membership programmes and are excited about upcoming new benefits as well as programme enhancements in 2020.

The main objective for Caring Through Crisis (CTC) Grants are the following:

  • Activity must make a meaningful and relevant impact to individuals or communities affected by COVID-19
  • Grant is not a straight donation to a charity not-for-profit or individual
  • Activity must be contactless and adhere to current social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders as described by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities and applicable local laws and directives

Share your Caring Through a Crisis activities with us on our socials!

Use #ForestersCTC


*Donations made until the donation period is closed will be matched by Foresters Financial up to a maximum total of $1,000,000 (Canadian Dollars) which at the average conversion rate of 1.716 converts to £1,716,000. Donations are limited to £1,000 GBP per transaction. Charities in the UK include: Trussell Trust, National Emergencies Trust (NET), Re-engage UK, and Cash for Kids.

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