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Child Trust Fund Calculator

Find out how much a Child Trust Fund (CTF) could be worth at age 18.

Are you wondering what happens to Child Trust Funds at age 18 – visit our Child Trust Fund information hub

The projections give an estimated fund value to help illustrate what could be available to the Planholder at age 18 with a Forester Life Child Trust Fund, Child Trust Fund – Stakeholder Options, Child Trust Fund – Shariah and Child Trust Fund –Options (invested in Aberdeen UK All Share Tracker and/or Foresters Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed 1 Fund only). At age 18 no contributions can be added to the Plan, therefore the calculator will not be able to provide a projection.

£10 £750

Please enter a regular monthly amount you wish to pay between £10 and £750, assuming that the maximum allowed monthly contribution is £750.

£10 £9000

Please enter an amount between £10 and £9,000, assuming that the maximum allowed annual contribution is £9,000.

Please enter the current value of the CTF.

11 17

Important information:

The calculation is based on:

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Manage your Plan online

If you are the Registered Contact you can activate your online MyPlans account to view your child’s savings online. MyPlans allows you to make payments online, view your Plan value, see the fund performance, investment information and contact your Financial Adviser.

Family and friends can also set up their own Gifters My Plans account after making a contribution.

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