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At Foresters Financial, we believe in doing more for your employees, your organization and the communities we do business in.

Who we are

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Who we are

Foresters Financial™ is an international financial services provider with more than three million clients and members in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. With a history of more than 140 years, we provide life insurance, savings, retirement and investment solutions that help families achieve their financial goals, protect clients and members and improve their communities. Our Financial Wellness Program is provided by Foresters Financial Services, Inc., a broker-dealer, offering solutions and guidance through its network of Financial Representatives working in branch offices across the United States.

What we do

The Foresters Financial Wellness Program is a valuable resource that will enhance the overall well-being of your employees and your organization. It is designed to complement your human resource department’s existing wellness measures, or to help you create them. By working together, we will familiarize ourselves with your company’s current programs, goals and criteria for success, to maximize integration of the benefits you currently offer. Our team can help provide strength and stability by equipping employees with a roadmap for attaining financial wellness, as well as appropriate training and guidance.

Why you should care

To stay in good physical health, everyone needs regular checkups from caring doctors who understand their individual needs—and staying in good “financial” health is no different. That’s why Foresters Financial Services, Inc. sponsors financial wellness programs for organizations. We’re experienced in financial wellness, and our programs educate and motivate employees to help them achieve their financial goals.

A win-win for everyone

Win win


Organizations have every reason to want their employees to be financially fit.

Employees who have access to an effectively designed financial wellness program are typically:


  • More productive, with less distractions from their financial worries

  • Healthier, leading to a more predictable workflow

  • More engaged, leading to improved loyalty and retention





Participation in the Foresters Financial Wellness Program may benefit individuals and their families in a variety of ways,

  • Improving awareness of their financial situation
  • Increasing self-confidence to change self-defeating behaviors
  • Gaining greater control in charting a course to achieving financial goals
  • Reducing stress
  • Ongoing access to a Foresters Financial registered representative


Workers’ biggest financial concerns:



Source: International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans, Education for Today’s Workforce: 2016 Survey Results


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1. Assess

The Foresters Financial Wellness Program is built on an initial assessment based on surveys completed by both the employer and employees. Each employee survey will analyze how stress affects employees; how much of this stress is due to financial reasons; and as a result, how much of that stress is tied to work productivity.

2. Plan

We recognize that, just like our individual clients, each company has varying financial wellness priorities. Our team will work closely with employers to help identify and create a customizable program tailored to those priorities.

 3. Engage

Whether your employee is a novice or experienced investor, we are here to help them plan for tomorrow. Your employees will have access to:

  • Ongoing Educational Workshops across a variety of topics
  • Advanced investment planning
  • One-on-one comprehensive consultations with a Registered Representative
  • Ongoing access to a Registered Representative

4. Measure

Continuous evaluations with human resources and the employer throughout the Foresters Financial Wellness Program will result in quantifiable results. Employees will be able to redirect concentrations if, and when, their financial wellness plan needs rebalancing while acquiring feedback along the way.





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