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How our members are organized

At the core of Foresters Financial™ membership is our member-governed Branch network which focuses our efforts where they are needed most – on our members and their communities.
  All Foresters members belong to a local Branch and have the opportunity to elect local leaders or to even stand for election themselves. There are three levels of governance:

Branch Council

When you join Foresters, you become a member of one of 50 Branches across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. As a Branch member, you can vote and hold office. Branches are led by a Branch Council comprising 10 elected member leaders called Branch Councillors. Branches help support and provide oversight for Foresters local community activities, volunteer projects and member activities. 

Regional Assemblies

We have five Regional Assemblies – three in the United States, and one each in Canada and the United Kingdom. Each Branch belongs to one of these five Regional Assemblies. The Regional Assemblies bring together member leaders from across the Region every two years to hear reports and take part in governance business, as well as to elect a Regional Council of 10 Regional Councillors and one Regional Council President. Regional Councils meet quarterly and act as a more senior oversight body for the Branch Councils in their Region. 

International Assembly

Every four years, our highest governing body, the International Assembly, meets to review Foresters financial results, fraternal activities and governance highlights and vote on changes to the Constitution.

Get involved in our democratic process

One of the benefits of Foresters membership is the opportunity to get involved in our democratic process, through participating in elections or nominating yourself or someone else for a leadership role. Every year, you can cast a ballot to choose the representatives for Branch Council, who in turn elect the Branch President and Vice President. These elected leaders provide a guiding hand, which helps to focus and support the impact that Foresters makes in member communities.

Our Constitution defines our purpose

Foresters Constitution provides the framework of the laws and principles by which we operate and sets out the authority, responsibilities, and obligations of Foresters members, officers, and representative bodies. The Constitution is a legal document reviewed by representative members every four years at the International Assembly.

Every member of Foresters is entitled to a copy of our Constitution. You can read and print a printer-friendly version of the entire Constitution here

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