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Your savings are balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders.

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What is an ISA?

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-efficient shelter for your savings and investments. It is completely free of Income and Capital Gains Tax and no tax is payable on money withdrawn. You are allowed to invest in several types of ISAs, including Cash, Stocks and Shares, Innovative Finance and Lifetime ISAs as long as the combined amount does not exceed your annual ISA allowance of £20,000, of which no more than £4,000 may be invested into a Lifetime ISA.

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Currently many cash based ISAs are offering low interest rates, which may be suitable if you are looking to save over a shorter term or do not want to risk getting back less savings that you pay in. However if you are looking to save for more than five years then a stocks and shares based ISA may be suitable for you. According to independent research (Barclays Equity Gilt Study 2017) in every 18 year period over the past 99 years, the probability of equities outperforming cash was 99%. As with all stocks and shares investments the value may rise and fall and you could get back less than you have paid in.

Why choose an ISA with Forester Life?

The Forester Life ISA offers a flexible way to invest in stocks and shares whatever your budget. Designed for low-cost stakeholder savings, you can invest from as little as £20 up to £20,000 in the current tax year.

Our ISAs are held in a fund that is professionally managed for you by Schroders making it easy to invest, as they will be managing and handling the investment on your behalf. The fund provides a diversified spread of global bonds and equities helping to reduce volatility and Schroders will make investment decisions via accessing a range of markets around the world through an actively managed process, taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. It offers a simple and straightforward solution for those wishing to invest in their future. So, whether you want to transfer your existing ISA or set up a new one, we could be the choice for you.


Important documents

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Features and Benefits

features of forester life product Flexible – Save as little as £20 a month, make single contributions or both up to £20,000 this financial year.

features of forester life product The fund is professionally managed by Schroders –  –Your savings are balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders.

features of forester life product Clear, low-capped charges – One annual charge of 1.5% reducing to 1% after 10 years. Unlike some other providers, we do not charge entry, exit or transfer fees.

features of forester life product Keep up with inflation – We can automatically increase the amount of your regular savings each year to help your contributions keep pace with inflation.


Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.


Prefer to speak to a Financial Adviser?

We provide a home-based personal financial planning service to help meet you and your family's current and future financial needs. All our Advisers are fully trained to discuss the products we offer and can visit you at your convenience. With one of our Forester Life Advisers you can be assured of personal attention and a quality service at all times. Our Advisers are remunerated from product charges and will not charge you directly for any visit.

Introducing the Lifetime ISA

If you are under 40, and considering buying your first home or looking to save for the long term and into later life, then this new type of ISA may be suitable for you.

Your £20,000 tax free savings ISA allowance can be placed in any combination of permitted ISAs including up to £4,000 into the new Lifetime ISA.

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Junior ISAs

Give your children a great start in life and help them achieve their hopes and dreams with a Junior ISA. Save as little as £10 a month, make single contributions – or both.

Capital at risk.

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Already making the most of your ISA allowance?

If you are not eligible for the Forester Life ISA, or you want to invest more than the maximum ISA limit, our Savings & Investment Plan offers a straightforward, low-cost way for you to build up monthly and/or single contributions.

Capital at risk.

Our Savings & Investment Plan
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Why Foresters

Open a Plan with us and you’ll automatically become a member and be part of a proud mutual organisation that is member-based, family-focused and community-spirited.

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The information on our website is provided for information purposes only.  It is not financial, investment, tax, legal or any other type of advice. Any decision you make to apply for a Forester Life ISA is entirely your own.

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