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For more than 140 years, Foresters Financial has helped families plan for their financial future while making a difference in their communities.

We may not want to ponder the possibility of our loved ones going through life without us but if someone depends on you financially it’s important to have the right protection in place. 
foresters life insurance

5 reasons to choose Forester Life Personal Insurance:

1. Terminal Illness Cover included at no extra cost 
Your Life Benefit with Foresters includes terminal illness cover at no extra cost. If you are diagnosed as terminally ill (and provided the diagnosis is more than 12 months before your cover ends) we will pay out your Life Benefit straightaway. 

2. Comprehensive Critical Illness Cover 
One criticism of critical illness insurance is that claims are rejected because an illness is not covered by the policy. But our Lifestyle and Mortgage Protection Options Plans provide critical illness cover for the full range of medical conditions recommended under industry guidelines set by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The only exception is terminal illness for which we provide cover as a Life Benefit. In addition, we use industry model wordings to define these medical conditions so you know exactly what is and is not covered by our Plans.

3. Flexible Income Protection Cover 
Some income protection policies only pay out if you are unable to follow any occupation. With Lifestyle Protection Options we pay out if incapacity prevents you from following your own occupation. And, if following incapacity you are only able to return to work part- time, we’ll normally continue your payments with a proportionate benefit to take account of your reduction in earnings. What’s more, you can choose between three, six and 12 month deferred periods before we start to pay an Income Protection benefit. This gives added flexibility to tailor your cover to your longer-term needs and avoid overlap with any short-term earnings or sick pay you would expect to receive. 

4. Increase in cover without any further medical evidence 
We recognise that you need the flexibility to increase or reduce your cover as your personal circumstances change. With Foresters you can apply to increase your cover provided your Plan has at least five years left to run. We even build in options for cover to be increased on certain special events, such as marriage or childbirth, without any further medical evidence being provided. 

5. Low Minimum Premiums 
Purchasing peace of mind does not have to be expensive. You can apply for personal insurance cover with Forester Life from just £10 monthly. If you need to increase your cover, we allow top-ups from as little as £5 extra each month and there is no additional Plan fee to pay.


Compare our protection products

Personal insurance
Mortgage protection


Offers flexible personal insurance to provide cover against premature death, critical illness and total permanent disability. 


Offer personal insurance to repay an outstanding mortgage or loan against premature death, critical illness and total permanent disability.


Choose between benefit payable as a lump sum or an annual income.

Income Protection cover is also available.


Choose between level or decreasing cover to match the way you are repaying your mortgage.

Single and Joint life options available. 

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