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Child Trust Fund

Looking after over 1.5 million children's savings Plans, we are here to help you save towards your child’s future.

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Foresters look after over 1 million children savings plans

We look after over 1.5 million children's savings Plans


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Our customers rate us 4.7 out of 5 stars


Taking care of family finances for over 140 years

Taking care of family finances for over 145 years


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Was your Child Trust Fund with Halifax? Find out more about the move to us

Child Trust Funds

A Child Trust Fund is a long-term savings account for children. New accounts cannot be opened, however you can transfer your child’s Child Trust Fund to a Forester Life Child Trust Fund, and you can continue to contribute to your child’s Child Trust Fund that is held with Foresters Financial.

Find out more information about a Child Trust Fund with Foresters Financial.

Our Child Trust Funds

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Is your child reaching age 16?

We look after over 1.5 million children’s savings plans, so the countdown to the first Child Trust Fund Planholders reaching age 18 is a significant milestone for us, as well as for the children who will be able to access their money. They can use this to help towards their first steps into adulthood or decide to continue to invest, or both.

We are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with them, that's why we have provided you with all the up to date information you and your child need to know about the Child Trust Fund, what happens from age 16 and what will happen to the money at age 18. For all the latest information about what will happen to the Child Trust Fund when your child reaches age 16 and onwards visit our Hub.

Our Child Trust Fund Hub

Child Trust Fund Calculator

Help your child achieve their dreams by saving for their future today.
Use our calculator to see what their Child Trust Fund could be worth at age 18.

CTF Calculator

Do we look after your child's Child Trust Fund?

If your child was born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011 and is eligible for Child Benefit, you should have received a Child Trust Fund voucher from the Government, for you to place with a Child Trust Fund provider.

When the Child Trust Fund voucher expired, if it was not placed with a provider the Government automatically opened the Child Trust Fund account with a Child Trust Fund provider. Foresters were approved by the Government for allocated accounts. As the UK’s largest CTF provider – we look after more funds under management than any other provider which is why more than 1.5 million customers choose to save for their child's future with us see if your Child Trust Fund is with us

If you have parental responsibility for the child you can apply to become the Registered Contact for the Child Trust Fund.

Registered Contact Application form

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Talking our your childs CTF

What is a CTF?

Read our article to find out all of the information you need to know about Child Trust Funds, from when the money can be accessed to maximising contributions.

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