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Add money to your ISA

If you have an ISA with us, it’s easy to add money to your Plan online 24/7 with MyPlans. Find out more about the benefits of MyPlans and other ways you can contribute. Capital at risk.

Contributing to your ISA

Whether you have a Stocks and Shares ISA, Lifetime ISA or have both elements under one Plan, you can choose how you would like to top up your Forester Life ISA. Our ISA offers an easy and flexible way to save for your future, whether this is for a rainy day, or towards your first home with the Lifetime ISA element if a UK resident aged between 18 and 39.

The minimum you can contribute to your Plan is £20. If you have both a Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA, the minimum contribution to each element is £10. The ISA allowance is currently £20,000 this tax year, of which £4,000 can be saved in the Lifetime ISA element.

Monthly contributions can be made by Direct Debit, and single contributions can be made directly from your bank, by cheque or by debit card (online only).

We offer flexibility with making contributions to your ISA, from the type of payment, to how you can make them - online, face-to-face or by video with a Financial Adviser.

Your online MyPlans account

You can contribute to your ISA 24/7 with your online MyPlans account.

You are also able to contact your Financial Adviser, see the Plan value, fund performance and view your documents at any time. To activate your account, all you need is your Plan number and details at the ready.

If you have already activated your account, you can login here.

Our ISA Performance

You may be wondering, how much money could I earn by investing in an ISA? Below we have included calculations for both our Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA elements. This highlights projections of what you may receive back from investing in our Forester Life ISA.

These projections give estimated fund values to help illustrate what could be available in the future.

What I might get back from my Stocks and Shares ISA element

Monthly Amount

Value after 10 years

Value after 20 years

£50 £7,490 £22,100
£100 £15,800 £44,300
£625 £99,300 £276,000
£1,500 £238,000 £664,000

Single Amount

Value after 10 years

Value after 20 years

£1,000 £1,400 £2,060
£5,000 £7,000 £10,300
£15,240 £21,300 £31,400
£20,000 £28,000 £41,200

What I might get back from my Lifetime ISA element

Monthly contributions

From age

Value after 10 years

Value up to age 60

£50 £300 £50 £300
18 £9,930 £59,600 £96,400 £574,000
30 £9,930 £59,600 £40,700 £244,000
39 £9,930 £59,600 £16,600 £99,900

Single contributions

From age

Value after 10 years

Value up to age 60

£500 £4,00 £500 £4,00
18 £875 £7,000 £3,020 £24,100
30 £875 £7,000 £1,890 £15,100
39 £875 £7,00 £1,340 £10,700

These projections include the 25% government bonus

Important Notes

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances, and may be subject to change in the future. As with all stock market investments the value of your ISA can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than has been paid in. A Lifetime ISA must be held for at least 12 months before using it towards the purchase of a first home. By saving into a Lifetime ISA instead of a workplace pension, you could lose the benefit of employer contributions and the value could affect any entitlement to means tested benefits. If you make an encashment before age 60, other than to purchase your first home, you will pay a government penalty of 25% on the encashment amount, and you may get back less than you paid in.

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