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Why invest with Forester Life?

Regular bank and building society accounts can meet your day-to-day financial needs, but when it comes to longer-term planning, there are much more suitable ways to invest your savings. So whether you are looking to save for a rainy day, a first home, retirement or something more exciting, like an around the world trip, saving with us could be a great way of building up a lump sum for the future.

All our adult saving funds are professionally managed for you by the experienced fund-management team at Schroders – let the experts do it for you.

Using a risk-controlled investment strategy, Schroders invest your savings in a diversified portfolio of UK and international shares along with government and corporate securities and cash with the aim of generating a steady-growth over the medium to longer-term.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise, and as with all stock market investments you may get back less than paid in.

ISA - Stocks and Shares ISA element and Lifetime element


Our ISA gives you the flexibility of combining a Stocks and Shares ISA and a Lifetime ISA into one Plan if you wish to do so. This allows you to benefit from the features of both types of ISAs whilst managing only one Plan. If you are under the age of 40, you can consider whether the Lifetime ISA is suitable for your savings goals – please make sure you are aware of the government’s eligibility standards.

You can save from as little as £20 a month up to a maximum of £20,000 each year of which no more than £4,000 can be invested in the Lifetime ISA.

If you withdraw money from the Lifetime ISA for any reason other than towards your first home, or before age 60, the Government charge of 25% will apply to the amount of the withdrawal.

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Savings & Investment Plan


If you wish to invest outside the ISA limit, our Savings & Investment Plan could be a suitable way for you to do so without being restrained by any investment limits.

The Forester Life Savings & Investment Plan is designed to provide flexible terms, low charges and medium to long-term growth in risk-controlled funds. You can start saving from age 16 and you may invest on your own or together with your spouse or partner.

You can easily take out and manage your Savings & Investment Plan via our online account management system or via one of our Financial Advisers.


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ISA Transfer


Regardless of your Cash or Stocks and Shares provider you’re currently with, you can transfer to us. Unlike some other providers, we do not charge entry, exit or transfer fees. However, your current provider might have exit and transfer fees that you should take into consideration before proceeding with a transfer.

If you are transferring your contributions for this tax year to Forester Life, you will have the remainder of your ISA allowance to use. Transferring previous years’ ISA contributions does not affect your ISA allowance for this tax year.

You can start saving in our ISA from as little as £20 and we offer clear, low-capped charges.

Transfer forms are available directly online, from our Customer Services or from your Forester Life Financial Adviser.

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Personal Pension Plan


Whether retirement seems far off or just around the corner, a pension could ensure a more comfortable later-life. The Forester Life Personal Pension Plan is a stakeholder pension plan which offers value, security and flexibility to reflect today’s modern family lifestyles.

Our Personal Pension Plans can be taken out via one of our Financial Advisers, who will be able to visit you at your convenience. They will be on hand to discuss your individual circumstances and help you determine a suitable Plan to meet your specific needs.

With one of our Financial Advisers you can be assured of personal attention and a quality service at all times. Our Advisers are remunerated from product charges and will not charge you directly for any visit.


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Saving for your children made easy

Find our adult savings products to your liking? Why not open a Junior ISA for your child? With as little as £10 a month, you could start investing in your child’s future. A lump sum at the age of 18 could help bring them a step closer to their first home, car or even contribute towards building the career of their dreams; be it by paying for their university fees or supporting them financially throughout an apprenticeship.

Foresters Financial looks after over a million children’s savings accounts in the UK, so you can count on our experience and that of Schroders to take care of your child’s savings as well.

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