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Welcome to your August edition of Membership Matters

This issue is your monthly source of information on topics that may be of interest to you and your family.
summer activities

7 essential summer activities

Get your family active this summer with this selection of kid-friendly ways to have fun together.

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renegotiate and pay less

How to renegotiate and pay less

We're programmed to believe that the rate we're given is the best one there is. But if you handle it correctly, you can almost always strike a better deal.

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kids interested in helping others

Little volunteers: How to get your kids interested in helping others

Encouraging children to volunteer, even at a young age, is one way to infuse their lives with the kind of joy that comes from living a meaningful existence.

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safety tips for road trips

Safety tips for road trips

Whether you’re driving a few hours or travelling across the country, a little extra prep work can help make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

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simple ways to be mindful

3 simple ways to be mindful

Mindfulness is simply bringing your full attention to whatever is happening in the present moment, and it’s easy to fit into your everyday life.

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