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Welcome to your June edition of Membership Matters

This issue is your monthly source of information on topics that may be of interest to you and your family.

Ggardening workout

The 15-minute gardening workout

Get outside and get your hands dirty and your muscles moving by adding in a few extra exercises while you’re watering and weeding!

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Rent or own?

Rent or own? What’s the best choice when you’re retired?

Perhaps the idea of liquidating your assets and shedding the responsibility of homeownership to live life as a renter is one you’ve considered. But is it right for you?

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Community service projects

Community service projects for introverts

If you want to volunteer but would prefer to do it on your own and without a lot of fanfare, we have some suggestions for ways you can make a difference.

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Gaming online

Gaming and online communities: what you need to know

Helping you connect virtually with your family and friends. Online games can be safe and fun for everyone!

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Sugar vs. fat

Sugar vs. fat: the great debate

Fat used to be the villain, but times have changed! Read about the dangers of added sugar and how to avoid it.

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Do I need a therapist?

Do I need a therapist?

Wondering if you might benefit from therapy? Find out more about the process and how, and where, to find a therapist that’s right for you.

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