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Welcome to your March edition of Membership Matters

This issue is your monthly source of information on topics that may be of interest to you and your family.

National Women’s History Month

Celebrate National Women’s History Month

This March, recognise and honour women who have made history, those who fought for equality among all races and genders, and the important women in your life.

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Budget vacation

Budget vacation: how to save money when you travel

Travelling is a wonderful experience, but one that can be hard on your wallet. Check out our money-saving travel tips before heading out on your next great adventure.

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Spring cleaning and giving

Spring cleaning and giving

Do you have a pile of too-good-to-throw-out stuff leftover after a bout of spring cleaning? We have suggestions for how to responsibly purge your unwanted items.

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Learn just about anything online

Skillshare: learn just about anything online!

Find out how to access 22,000+ free online courses and learn everything from kitchen knife skills to how to create the perfect morning routine.

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Sabotaging your sleep

8 Habits that are sabotaging your sleep

There are things you may be doing that could be making it difficult to settle down and snooze through the night.

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Harness the power of your brain

Neuroplasticity: how to harness the power of your brain

You can control and set the direction for amazing changes in your brain that can improve your well-being.

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