See. Act. Make an IMPACT.

A new way to help your community.

Make an IMPACT

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Make an IMPACT

This new member benefit enables Foresters members to seize the moment and make a difference in their local community with a one-time grant of £200.


Make an IMPACT Q & A

What can I use a Make an IMPACT grant for?

You might choose to host a food drive, put together care kits for a local shelter or clean up a park—the possibilities are endless! If you see a need, a Make an IMPACT grant can help you take action.


Who is eligible to apply?

Make an IMPACT is available to Foresters members who are 18 years of age and over.


How do I apply?

This grant requires less planning and is easier for one person to execute on their own. You can make a meaningful difference quickly by applying today.

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At Foresters, we take the health and safety of our members seriously. With the local government and health officials implementing strict safety measures during COVID-19, we’re making it a priority to take the proper precautions when executing all community activities.

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