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Investing in Women

Women around the UK are investing successfully every day. New to investing? A stocks and shares ISA is great place to start.

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At Foresters, we are working with TISA to make investing accessible for all. We aim to make investing straightforward for all investors, with professionally managed funds so you don't need to be an expert, and financial advisers to help you find the right products for you. 

Joining forces to make investing accessible to all


Investing is for women

Women invest successfully

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See what women have to say...

Investing in women. Quote from Nici - CEO and woman investor. “I’ve tried not to think of investing as a big deal - otherwise it always goes into the ‘too difficult, leave to tomorrow’ bucket. I invest small amounts, preferably as a monthly Direct Debit so I don’t have to remember. Oh, and a tip is don’t look at it too often - and risk making a knee-jerk decision to exit when the markets are falling.” 
Investing in women. Quote from Leah - Compliance auditor and woman investor. “Investing a small amount each month gives me a sense of financial security, that I have a pot of money for myself if I ever needed it.  I set my Direct Debit up to leave my account on payday, so I never have the chance to spend it.   Make sure to look at all the options available to you, as making a calculated risk can often feel rewarding.” 
Investing in women. Quote from Clare - Head of sustainability and woman investor. I invest because I want to take control of my financial future.   I also care about the impact of my investments on society and the environment.   It’s getting easier and easier to invest in a way that reflects my values, at the same time as generating financial returns.  
Investing in women. Quote from Cerys - Marketing specialist and woman investor. “At 25, I brought my own home by investing - a milestone I once thought was impossible. Investing isn't always a smooth ride, but it beats wasting money on the lottery each week. I’d say trust the process, find something that suits you, and watch your financial confidence grow.”

Statistics of women investing


see the stock market as too risky - but remember there’s lots of investment choice out there at different risk levels 

was how much women's investments outperformed the FTSE in a study where they invested £1,000 each

of women agree that having their investments managed by professionals makes life less stressful - that's where we come in (see below)

of Foresters investors are women, and 49.3% are men - we're proud to manage investments that women and men feel confident to invest in

Money bag illustration

Money bag illustration


Join over 71,000 women who already invest with us

With savings starting from as little as £20, the Stocks and Shares ISA element could be the best way for you to meet your savings goal.

Whether this is saving for the future, a rainy day or something more exciting, our Stocks and Shares ISA could be a great way for you to build up a lump sum.

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At Foresters, we support women

Women ERG logo

Foresters internal Women's ERG

Internally, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are the engine rooms for the culture of diversity, inclusivity and equity we are crafting at Foresters. One of these being 'The WIN+ ERG' actively supports a workplace that is safe and equitable for women and persons who identify as women to thrive and belong.

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“I have found the WIN+ to be a safe space for discussion. There are many women in senior positions at Foresters, and through this ERG, I have had the opportunity to engage with them in an open setting. A stand-out piece of advice came through one of our recent spotlight sessions in which we were told, “Give yourself grace,” something that has stuck with me since.”

Michelle S

Senior Member Governance Specialist, UK, WIN+ ERG member