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Protect your legacy with LawAssure

Foresters Financial offers a complimentary online documentation preparation service for members only.

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Introducing LawAssure

LawAssure is a complimentary online document preparation service provided through EPOQ that gives Foresters members access to customizable wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives from the comfort of their own homes.

This member benefit is convenient, easy to use, and helps members protect their families while planning for their futures.

LawAssure Q & A

How do I access the LawAssure benefit?

You can access LawAssure through your MyForesters account as a complimentary benefit of being a Foresters member. Log on to the member portal, click on the Well Being category found under the Member Benefits tab, then select the LawAssure benefit.

What documents are offered by LawAssure?

Foresters members will have access to create customizable wills, powers of attorney, and prepare healthcare directives. These document templates will be customized to your geography and local jurisdiction.

How do I fill out the documents provided by LawAssure?

Each document in LawAssure is combined with a questionnaire to make the tool user-friendly. The questionnaire will ask you a variety of questions about your specific circumstances and, based on the answers, will auto-fill to the associated document. Each question also has an explanation feature that provides helpful prompts in plain language to assist with answering the questions.

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