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Professionally managed by

Forester Life looks after you, Schroders invests your money

Your savings are balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders.

forester life junior isa

Why Choose Us?

Foresters Financial looks after over 1 million children’s savings and has 3 million customers worldwide

Our Junior ISA is designed to be a straightforward and flexible way to invest for your child’s future. Not only do we offer you our experience, financial strength and reliability, we also offer the expertise of Schroders – one of the Europe’s leading independent investment managers. What’s more, its quick and easy to set up and can be managed online.

Your savings will be balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders, giving the potential for a good balanced return.

The value of your investment can fall as well as rise, and as with all stock market investments you may get back less than paid in. Inflation could reduce what you can buy in the future.

Features of our Junior ISA

features of forester life product Fund is professionally managed for you by Schroders – Where the experts will manage and handle the investment for you, monitoring and investing in the stock market on your behalf. Making investing for your child's future simple and straightforward.

features of forester life product Clear, low capped charges – Unlike some other providers, we don’t charge entry, exit or transfer fees.

features of forester life product Manage your account online - If you open or transfer to our Junior ISA online you will have 24/7 access to view and add contributions at any time.

features of forester life product Risk controlled - The fund is made up of a mix of investments including shares, gilts and bonds. No more than 60% of your investment will be in shares, therefore protecting your child's investment against the sharp falls of the stock market. allowing you to benefit when the stock market rises.

features of forester life product Flexible – Save as little as £10 a month, make regular or single contributions; up to £4,128 this financial year.

features of forester life product Family and friends can add too – Can make an ideal birthday or financial gift.

Professionally Managed by Schroders

Your Junior ISA will be invested in our Foresters Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed Funds, which are actively managed by the expert fund managers at Schroders.

Schroders is an independent, dedicated asset manager with a strong heritage. It is one of the largest investment firms in Europe and has over 200 years’ experience of investment markets.

The graph shows how your Junior ISA would grow if you had transferred an account with the value of £3,600 to our Foresters Stakeholder (Schroders) Managed 1 Fund for five years from September 2011, which has a 1.5% annual management charge.

Past performance of an investment should not be used as an indicator to future performance.

Transfer your Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA with Forester Life

From 6th April 2015, those with a Child Trust Fund (CTF) may transfer to a Junior ISA. This gives families more choice on how they choose to invest their savings for their children. 

If you have a Child Trust Fund with another provider, you can transfer it to a Junior ISA with Foresters. The process is simple and can be done online in a few minutes.

Transfer your CTF to our Junior ISA Now

Transfer your Junior ISA to us

For more than 140 years, Foresters Financial has helped families plan for their financial future while making a difference in their communities.

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Top up your Junior ISA with My Plans

If you are the Registered Contact or have registered as a gifter for an online Forester Life Junior ISA, simply log in to My Plans and complete the online top-up process.
It’s simple and only takes a few minutes.

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Gift to another person’s Junior ISA

Invest in a loved one’s future with a one-time or monthly gift.

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An ISA for you

Our adult ISA is designed to meet today’s needs for flexible terms, low charges and clear conditions. Capital at risk.

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