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How we give back to our members

When you choose Foresters Financial, you’re not only protecting your family’s financial future; you’re also joining a 140-year-old international fraternal organisation with a purpose to enhance family well-being. If you’re a Foresters member, you have access to a range of unique and complimentary member benefits that will help your family spend quality time together and make a difference in your community.

Well-being benefits – Enhancing your family life

Everyday Money

Our Everyday Money helpline offers valuable help and reassurance over the phone when you need assistance, including debt counseling; bereavement; home emergencies and personal legal matters. Call our free Everyday Money helpline on 0844 338 5627 and quote “FRS

Membership Matters

In each issue, you will find helpful information on a variety of meaningful topics as well as articles on health, financial wellness and community events to assist you and your family. This member e-newsletter is one more way we can provide helpful hints and tips, so sit back, relax and enjoy articles with your interests in mind.

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Community Grants

We invest over £2.5 million annually into the Foresters Community Grants programme, which allows members to access funds they can then use to organise and host local fun family or volunteer activities.

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Competitive Scholarships

We believe in the opportunities education brings. The Foresters Competitive Scholarship Programme can help provide financial assistance to students as they work towards their educational goals

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Community and Volunteering

We’re proud to organise and support volunteer projects in the local communities where our members live. If you’d like to get involved, we offer a range of volunteer opportunities. Foresters makes it easy to give a little something back.

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Member Events

As a Foresters member, you and your family can look forward to complimentary family events, including movie nights, amusement park days, sporting events, volunteering events and other fun and inclusive activities.

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Member Leadership

Foresters actively supports growing the leadership capabilities of our members. There are many options for members, but the two most popular are to stand for a Foresters Branch Councillor position or to plan local member events with funding from our Community Grants programme. Whatever your time commitment or level of experience, there is an exciting opportunity and training experience waiting for you. 

Emergency Assistance

An emergency can strike anytime. Our emergency assistance programme provides short-term, temporary financial aid to members affected by significant personal hardship, disaster or large scale emergency.

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