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Welcome back, returning candidates

Get everything you need to reapply for a Competitive Scholarship.

Student scholarship winner smiling

Competitive Scholarship

If you have applied for a scholarship in the past and you meet the eligibility requirements for returning candidates, we encourage you to apply again for a Competitive Scholarship award. Whether you are a previous scholarship award winner or had an application declined, the information below will help you understand how to apply as a returning candidate.

This scholarship is competitive. The minimum requirements of community service hours and academic grades are eligibility requirements students must meet to be considered for a scholarship. Meeting or exceeding these requirements does not guarantee you will be chosen as a Scholarship recipient.

COVID-19 exception for 2022-23 scholarships

Due to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented for students working to earn community service hours, we have decreased the number of hours required for the 2022-23 scholarship year for new scholarship applicants and returning candidates. Please refer to the COVID-19 exception section in the guidelines and FAQs below to learn more.