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Learn more about the Financial Wellness Program

If you’re a small business owner, school or non-profit organization, you want to stay competitive with other employers by offering robust retirement benefits to current and prospective employees.  In a recent study, after health insurance, nearly nine in ten respondents (87%) say a 401(k) is a “must-have” benefit – more than disability insurance (45%), life insurance (42%), extra vacation days (34%) or the ability to telecommute (15%)1.

If you don’t have the resources of larger businesses to set up, manage and maintain these kinds of plans we can help. Foresters FinancialTM offers several solutions that are affordable and easy to manage for organizations that want to offer their employees top tier retirement benefits. 

From existing plans to start up plans, we can help you understand which options may be the right ones for your business to offer. We’ll be your partner throughout the process. Our representatives will come to you - to help educate your employees about retirement options, and help enroll them in the plan they choose- taking the administrative burden off you. 

12014 401(k) Participant Survey conducted by Koski Research for Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc

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