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Prepared II Accidental Death Term Insurance

To live well, it’s important to plan for success and prepare for challenges.

We can’t predict the future and, unfortunately, accidents can happen. In fact, accidents are the third leading cause of death overall in the United States and the number one cause of death for people under the age of 44.1

Foresters Prepared II Accidental Death Term Insurance is simple and affordable protection that may help secure your family’s financial future in case of an unexpected accident.2 You can’t predict when an accident will happen, but you can be prepared. With accidental death protection up to $500,000, Prepared II may help shield those you love from the financial hardships caused by a tragic accident.3

1 Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2017

2 “Accidental death” and “injury” are defined terms in the insurance contract, subject to exclusions..

3 Subject to the terms, definitions and excluded risks of the insurance contract. Insurability depends on answers to questions in the application. Foresters Prepared II Accidental Death Term Insurance is issued by The Independent Order of Foresters.

4 Foresters products and their riders may not be available or approved in all states and are subject to eligibility requirements, underwriting approval, limitations and state variations. If you have questions regarding Foresters products and their riders, please contact your insurance agent or contact Foresters Financial to be connected with an agent in your area

5 LawAssure is provided by Epoq, Inc. Epoq is an independent service provider and is not affiliated with Foresters. LawAssure is not a legal service or legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advice or services of a licensed attorney. Foresters Financial, their employees and life insurance representatives, do not provide, on Foresters behalf, legal, estate or tax advice. Some features not available in Louisiana.

6 Foresters Financial and its employees, agents and life insurance representatives do not provide, on Foresters behalf, legal, estate, health, medical or tax advice. Consult your physician or licensed healthcare professional for any questions or information about your medical care. Foresters Prepared II and its riders are filed under the form numbers listed below, where “XX” represents either “US” or your state’s postal abbreviation, as applicable. Foresters Prepared II: ADTERM-XX01-2020; Waiver of Premium Rider (Accident Only): ADTERM-WPR-XX01-2020; Disability Income Rider (Accident Only): ADTERM-DIR-XX01-2020; Return of Premium Rider: ADTERM-ROP-XX01-2020

419429 US 12/20

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