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Giving you and your family a helping hand and ensuring your home is protected, whilst you focus on the things that really matter.

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Protection cover starts from as little as £10 a month 

Cover starts from as little as £10 a month


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Taking care of family finances for over 140 years

Taking care of family finances for over 145 years


Foresters is a mutual organisation helping to make a difference

A mutual organisation helping to make a difference


Giving you peace of mind

For many of us, a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment we will ever make. While home ownership is an exciting milestone it is important to also protect your home and those who live in it, should the unexpected happen.

A Protection Plan with Foresters offers you a Peace of Mind service.* This free specialist advice service is staffed by experienced nurses who are on hand to provide expert help and guidance should the worse happen. Additionally, a partner and/or children will also be able to access the bereavement counselling service, with up to six sessions at no cost.

Join a mutual organisation whose Purpose is to enrich family and community well-being. We look after our members by helping them save for the future, protect their families, as well as by actively giving back and making a difference in the community they live in. 

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The right protection option for you

Our protection products help make things simple and are designed with clear straightforward terms giving you peace of mind that your mortgage is covered. 

Our Financial Advisers will be on hand to take you through your options and help determine a suitable level of cover to meet your specific needs. It doesn't have to be expensive either, Mortgage Protection starts from just £10 a month. 

For more information read the Mortgage Protection Key Features and Terms and Conditions.

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life benefit

Life Benefit

Providing you cover in the event of premature death or a terminal illness

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critical illness cover 

Critical Illness Benefit

Provides cover for total permanent disability and a range of critical illnesses

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Combined life and critical illness cover 

Combined Life and Critical Illness

Provides cover for death, critical illness and permanent disability

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*The Peace of Mind service is a non-contracted benefit and is not part of the Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, so it may be amended or withdrawn at any time.

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