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At Foresters, we’ve been supporting our members’ personal well-being and community engagement for nearly 150 years, and we do it in specific, unique and member-driven ways. This is not a side project for us, it is the defining purpose of our company.

We believe that well-being means enriched living inside and out. That’s why Foresters member benefits are for you, your family and your community. We offer benefits designed to address specific needs in specific areas of your life.

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Financial counseling, legal support and healthy living guidance help bring personal peace of mind.

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Your family

Scholarships, Fun Family outings and playground builds help you support and connect with your family.


Your community

Grants for community volunteering, leadership programs and branch involvement build stronger communities through giving and relationships.

Financial security is an important part of the well-being equation and that’s why we offer innovative and accessible products that can help bring peace of mind for an unknown future.

Smoking, well-being and life insurance

When it comes to well-being, we take an innovative approach to finding ways to recognize and reward our members’ commitment to healthy and engaged living. We offer a Quit Smoking Incentive Plan on our Advantage Plus and Non-participating whole life products. Here’s how it works.

Smokers automatically receive lower rates for the first two years of their certificate. And if they quit within this time period, those lower premiums continue. It’s a powerful incentive to stop smoking, giving people the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle and save money.

Life insurance for people who smoke
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