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National Retirement Security Week is a national effort to raise  awareness about the importance of saving for retirement. The week is an opportunity for you to reflect on your personal retirement goals and determine if you are on target to reach those goals. Read our press release here.


Foresters Financial representatives have a variety of resources to help you develop a retirement plan that works for you.  To contact a Foresters Representative click here.


The following videos provide helpful hints to help you prepare for retirement. (Please note that the videos do not have any sound.)

If you are 35 and younger

How to put yourself in control of your future

If you are 35 to 50 years old

Simple things you can do to put yourself in control

If you are 50 years and above 

Even when you're near retirement, planning can still pay off

These resources can aid you in learning more about saving for your retirement.  For additional assistance, you may contact a Foresters Financial Representative.


People talk about “financial literacy” like it’s a complicated subject. But it’s actually quite easy: It means understanding basic concepts about money and investing so you can make smart, informed decisions—and perhaps more importantly, not allow yourself to fall prey to financial scams or bad advice.


     As you set aside money for retirement, consider not just how much you’re saving but where you’re saving.


You’re probably working diligently to save money for retirement. But you then face the next, even more daunting challenge: How do you turn that savings into an income stream that could last your lifetime?


When it comes to saving and investing, time is often your strongest ally. 


More than one third of Americans today begin collecting Social Security retirement benefits right after they turn age 62, according to a recent study by the Government Accountability Office.1 But claiming benefits at that earliest possible age— particularly when there’s no justifiable financial reason for doing so—can have severe long-term financial consequences




1 Government Accountability Office, Retirement Security: Challenges for Those Claiming Social Security Benefits Early and New Health Options, April 2014


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