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Foresters Financial helps everyday families achieve their financial goals and make a lasting difference in their lives and communities.

Professionally managed by

Forester Life looks after you, Schroders invests your money

Your savings are balanced between stocks and shares and fixed interest holdings by the experienced fund management team at Schroders.

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Why invest with Forester Life?

Regular bank and building society accounts can meet your day-to-day financial needs, but when it comes to longer-term planning, there are much more suitable ways to invest your savings. 

We offer straightforward saving and investing options to help you grow your money. Our low-fee, risk-controlled investment products are backed by Forester Life’s investment expertise and a commitment to personal attention and quality service.

Forester Life invests your contributions in unit-linked investment funds. These funds are made up of different investments, which are divided into a large number of units of equal value. Each of your payments, along with those of other contributors, buys a number of these units.

While the value of the underlying investments can go down as well as up, you have the ability to get a transparent view of this value at all times.

Compare our savings products

Individual Savings Account (ISA) Savings & Investment Plan


Offers a flexible way to invest in stocks and shares from as little as £20 in an ISA.


Access our investment expertise and benefits of stakeholder saving.

 Designed for

Tax-efficient, low-cost stakeholder savings in an ISA wrapper. 

Medium to long-term investment growth in a risk-controlled fund.

 Designed for

Those who are already using their ISA allowance or who would like to invest outside ISA limits.

Medium to long-term investment growth in a risk-controlled fund.